Our Story

The journey in pursuit of dreams is met with obstacles, challenges and adventures.
The hummingbird is a symbol of the strength and hope that one must hold. While it is vital to reflect on our past, we must persist and focus on our ultimate destination. Crafting Fathia Wines is a realization of our vision. It is a story that is continuously evolving. It is our life’s journey.

Fathia means Victorious

     It all began in 2003 when Pedro graduated high school. Upon receiving his diploma, Pedro went to work for a winery during their Summer bottling season. Two months of bottling led him to working his first harvest and that became the initial start of his winemaking career. A path he didn’t think at that time would be his life’s journey.

     Over a decade later in the summer of 2014, Pedro, who worked in sales attended a family gathering where he heard about his family’s work experiences in the vineyards and in wineries. A pivotal moment, one in which he decided to change careers and return to the wine industry.

He recalls one family story in particular.
One that captivated him.

     One of his older brothers said, “Each glass of wine comes with a story that’s not always told”. Then he added “we begin every year, in winter by pruning the vines and work tirelessly through the summer heat”. He continued, “It’s hard work, but we have to nurture those vines until we finally harvest them”.

     Another brother said, “Then there are the winery stories”. “The mental stress and physical demand we go through to keep up with the harvested grape supply.” He extended, “We have to stay sharp while processing the grapes, all while overlooking fermentations”. He finally added, “It’s a yearlong effort and attention to detail until the wine is finally bottled.”

     When Pedro looked around, he saw nods of agreement and pride in his family’s eyes. He raised a glass to celebrate family-unity, health and the upcoming harvest. Almost immediately, he felt a sudden urge to return to the wine industry with the hopes of establishing the level of commitment and passion his family has. Their lifelong dedication, that decade after decade, they still express their love and responsibility to the world-class wine growing regions of Napa and Sonoma Valley.

     Pedro adopted a fascination for wine that quickly turned into an idea that he wanted to explore further. Fast-forward a year, he applied with a winery based in Sonoma and, after a few days, he received a call with the news that he was hoping for – an experienced position where he could help lead a small crew and work side by side with the winemaker. That winery is Patz & Hall. A producer that crafts some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay around. He was thrilled and delighted to continue adding valuable winemaking experience.

      Immediately following his first vintage there, he returned to Napa Valley College and began taking wine related courses. He wanted to better interpret his experiences in the cellar and develop them into winemaking skills. While in class, he united his passion of learning with a vision of one day producing wine under his wine own label.


     In 2019, Pedro and his wife Jenny acquired Fathia Wines and continue to carry the torch for first-generation Mexican-American Vintners in California. They focus on producing premium, single-varietal and naturally fermented wines. Vinos that boast elegance and balance in each bottle.

“After working several years in wineries, we have learned that winemaking is part science and part art. We all have a story. Our story is to produce wines that celebrate our family’s efforts, investment and dedication to the wine industry”.


“We invite you to join us and be part of our life’s journey”!
                    -Jenny & Pedro Rodriguez